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3 English eBooks you would love to read

Writing a great book is called as an art. Reading that great book is called as appreciating that art. English is a language that has been prevailing since centuries. Writers and poets have weaved in words to make magical pieces. Some of the amazing work by some of the Indian writers is available on Book Hungama.  Buy E Books Online India

Here are some of the English eBooks you might love to read…

  1. 1.       An Introduction to Saint Dnyaneshwar and his Dyaneshwari

Authors: Dr. H.V Inamdar and Prof. D. K. Deshpande

Dnyaneshwar was a great saint. He converted Bhagwad Geeta from Sanskrit to Marathi for common people to understand it and reap the benefits. This book was called Dyaneshwari.

Authors Dr. H.V Inamdar and Prof. D. K. Deshpande have focused their small book on the life story and literary work of Saint Dyaneshwar. They have also described Dyaneshwari and summarised it for the readers to understand its deep meaning. So folks go ahead and read this literary wonder, Buy And Publish English Ebooks.

  1. 2.       Your Hand Tells it All

Author: Dattatray Atre

If the science of palm reading (palmistry) is your thing and holds your interest then this book is especially for you. The author is well studied and has extensively travelled all across India. He has done an intense study of this art of palm reading to predict nature, fate, character or career of a person. He has put years of his study and observation on this art in this book. So grab your copy today.

  1. 3.       Kite Envy

Author: Sang Ji

Kite Envy is a treasure of many prose and poems. These poems depict various facets of life. They explore love, liberation and a burning desire to be oneself in this world full of expectations. These pieces are a collection of poetry, philosophy and pages of a journal of a person. It also depicts few excerpts from author’s everyday life. This one is indeed an interesting read.

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